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I completed the long-planned transition of the MUD1/British Legends site to the Joomla content management system (CMS). Using a CMS will make it easier in the future to maintain the site.

I also completed a simple "homebrew" forum software package. For a long time now, I wanted to replace the Microsoft Frontpage component that we have been using with something better, but the readily available alternatives were either not sufficiently flexible or a vast overkill with rich functionality that we just do not need. So I chose to develop something on my own.

The lack of fresh news items on this page doesn't mean that the game is not alive and well. We even have some new wizzes in our midst!

Wizzes are about to hold their 2004 Goat Cup! The contest schedule is now available online.

The site now has a new layout complete with an easy navigation menu.

And, for several weeks already, players were able to exchange messages online in our brand spanking new forum section.

Oops. We're past the 2003 Goat Cup already, and I keep forgetting to update this What's New section.

Wizzes will hold their 2002 Goat Cup starting Januar 26, 2002.

Strange the former wizard from CompuServe, who recently returned to the game (known as Stranger or Riflefire), has started an "unofficial fan club", a MUD mailing list on Yahoo! Groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BritishLegends. Please note that this discussion group is not officially associated with british-legends.com; it is operated independently by an enthusiastic player. That said, thank you Strange for the effort!

A multi-part article at gamespy.com contains interviews with Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw, and even includes a screen shot of our game.

Wizzes will hold their 2001 Goat Cup at the end of January.

MUD has been added to topmudsites.com.

The MUD home page has been reorganized.

MUD received a wonderful review at GAMERS.COM.

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